In Itanos Hotel, we know that one of the greatest joys is to open sails at the Cretan archipelagos. For that reason, we cooperate with the Vai Sailing Club to bring your dream vacations to life. All trips are held by captain Nick Pechlivanis and with his 35 years of experience in the Hellenic Navy and his 15 years of experience in Sailing the safety of your journey is assured.

With our sailing plan, you can choose to enjoy a day to the nearby islands of Dionisades and Mochlos or to the palm forest of Vai and the beach of Kato Zakros. Additionally, you can choose to go further to the islands of Kassos and Karpathos or even plan your own trip. Nothing can be compared with the experience of living in Virgin Crete Villas and enjoying a sailing trip with your spouse, friends or family in the crystal clear waters of the Cretan sea.

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