Kayaking in eastern Crete, a marvelous experience

In eastern Crete, all year long, the air and sea temperature remain at high levels, creating the best environment for someone to get involved with water sports and activities. In Itanos Hotel we try to offer you the best vacations ever.Sea kayaking is one of the earliest forms of paddling and it has been around for more than 2000 years. In early times, it was used by fishermen but nowadays is a continuously growing activity with many fans across the world. Kayaking in the sea offers a unique approach of sea coasts, caves, pristine beaches and can be combined with other activities such as camping, hiking etc.

Itanos Hotel is located in the center of every interesting kayaking departure area. Imagine resting and enjoying the comfort of Itanos Hotel after a day of sea kayaking in crystal clear waters, visiting Vai the only palm forest in Europe, having lunch in the fish tavern's of villages you approached by sea, exploring magnificent sea caves, swimming in virgin beaches and much more. If you decide to include sea kayaking in your vacations, we will arrange everything according to your needs and desires.

Also, you don't need to bring anything, all the equipment is provided by us and don't hesitate to participate even if you don't have any experience at all. Expert professionals are in charge of tutoring and escorting-guiding. The sea, on calm days may seem like a lake and is the perfect situation for beginners. What is more, all routes are perfectly planned according to your needs, desires and skills. Of course, always safety first.

Make your inquiry today, take advantage of our unique offers and plan yourself amazing holidays.
The sea kayaking experience is brought to you by the experienced staff of Itanos Hotel , the experts in eastern Crete exploration activities.

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